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Vokzalnaya Street, Kashin, Tver oblast, 171640 Russia, phone/fax (48234) 2-08-05


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About the group of companies "Veresk"

Choice Berries

The best liquors can only be crafted from the freshest, largest, and ripest berries. This is why when preparing our liquors, we use nothing but the most rigorously selected berries from well-protected forest areas of the north.

Natural Taste

Unlike some other companies that brew their products with alcoholic juices, Veresk uses only berry infusions, which significantly improves the taste of the product and allows for the maximum amount of useful substances to be extracted from the berry as a whole.

Old Recipes

The technologists of the plant rely on old Russian herbalist books with recipes passed down from our great-grandmothers. Many drinks have complex recipes, where each and every herb plays its own crucial role. Our famous Tverskaya Bitter liquor is brewed with 9 herbs, while the Old Kashin balm needs as many as 24. The herbs are carefully preserved until that special moment when each gives its maximum special medicinal properties and aroma to the drink.

Live Products in Stores

Our careful delivery approach is fine-tuned to preserve the best Mother Nature has to offer. The transportation of ingredients for the production process, followed by the final products to stores, involves the use of special technology to ensure that liquors and other drinks from Veresk are not only naturally delicious and flavoured, but also alive in the fullest sense of the word.

Live Artesian Water

Veresk products are truly alive. They are prepared on the base of artesian water extracted from a depth of 178 metres directly at the bottling plant. The careful purification it is subjected to allows the natural water to preserve its mineral composition, which ensures a soft taste and crystal clarity.

Kashin Mineral Waters

The Veresk plant extracts and bottles water from three wells, one of which is located on the famous Kashin spa resort. To ensure the water is always delivered to consumers just as it was created by Mother Nature herself, Veresk relies on unique Italian-made equipment, and only uses ultraviolet rays to eliminate bacteria, without any filtration. All the natural richness of water, including its salts, minerals and their compounds, as well as the ionic structure, remain intact.

More details

Use our capabilities

There is a modern Italian high-performance bottling equipment in the company. It allows to guarantee the implementation of any, the most complex project without extra costs: bottling in any shape and size, capping with any cap size, bottle design with any type and size of the label (up to 5 positions, automotive etiquette with servo, optical, bottom orientation and etc.)

Wide Product Range

The capacity of the plants and the know-how of Veresk technologists function together to produce more than 50 types of alcoholic products using original proprietary and customer recipes, as well as mineral and drinking water, kvass and carbonated beverages.

High-tech Equipment

Veresk plants are equipped with the latest German and Italian-made machines, including unique devices to brew natural products of the highest quality. The products can be filled in any traditional container, as well as in individual models designed for souvenirs.

Effective Logistics

Veresk provides a full range of services to deliver and forward its alcoholic products and products of the mineral water bottling plant. Company specialists are always working to design the most optimal logistics solutions. The company has its own vehicle fleet with cargo capacities ranging from 1 to 24 tonnes, and its proven transportation technology is designed to deliver products right on time and in the safest way possible.

Wholesale Trade

Veresk products are distributed primarily through wholesale trade. The holding company has its own transport company, its own fleet of trucks and all other necessary resources required to organise optimal logistics. Cooperation with Veresk for wholesale product purchases guarantees delivery right on time and with the proper quality.

Contract Bottling

Large distributors, retail chains and brand owners find it both convenient and profitable to order contract bottling services from Veresk. Our experienced technologists will select the recipe, ensure filling for the selected shape and size of bottles with any type of closure and design, and provide required control at every stage of production.

Contract Bottling

Retail Sales

Veresk holding company owns a network of 150 stores holding a leading position among retail sales across Tver oblast. Veresk liquor marts can be found in all major cities and other populated areas of Tver oblast. With its reasonable pricing policy, wide range of products and strict control over management and product quality, the chain has for many years remained popular among consumers.



How it All Began

In the late 19th century, the Russian government made the decision to impose a monopoly on the production of vodka, and 350 state wine stores were built and opened throughout Russia. This state-sponsored vodka initiative also reached into the Tver region as well. To be more precise, it reached all the way to the city of Kashin. "What a great place for a vodka plant!" the Russian Minister of Finance Sergei Witte thought to himself. "The underground water is unique, and even members of the imperial family have come here to taste it. There is also a railroad nearby, which means it would be easy to deliver the new "green wine" to neighbouring cities." No sooner had it been said than it was done, and in 1898 Kashin State Wine Store No. 3 first opened its doors. The first production volumes were indeed impressive – in 1901, the store had an annual turnover of almost 100,000 buckets of forty-percent wine, more commonly known as "vodka." Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly, but then suddenly the revolution hit.

A Fateful Decision

A major turning point in the fate of the plant came in 1940. At that time, its director was Raisa Nikolaevna Novozhilova, a native of Kashin. Ever since the days of local merchants, her family kept the recipes of various alcoholic drinks made from berries, herbs, roots and honey. In fact, there are so many such recipes still kept by the residents of Kashin! The nature in Kashin is as abundant as its folk recipes – it has both forests and marshlands, and overflows with a wide variety of herbs and roots, as well as bountiful berries (mostly, cranberries). The "first lady" of the factory thus decided to use this wealth for the benefit of all those who appreciated natural and tasty alcoholic drinks. A number of purchasing centres were then set up across the region to buy the assorted "gifts of Mother Nature" from the local population. The people also brought along with them the recipes of various drinks preserved from times immemorial. This is how Russian traditions and the generosity of nature laid the foundations for the production of bitter and sweet liqueurs made by the Kashin distillery from herbs, roots, fresh berries, honey and the unique waters of the Kashin springs.

War and Peace

World War Two forced its harsh reality on the operations of the Kashin plant, but it never fully ceased functioning. Its products at the time were primarily supplied to military units to keep up the fighting spirit of the defenders of the Motherland. At times, these front-line "100-gram rations" warmed the hearts of soldiers like letters received from a distant home. The plant also had a separate building used for producing a military-grade combustible mixture used in battle. Then came Victory Day… The conveyor belts of Kashin plant, which by that time had been renamed into a distillery, once again began operating in full swing and rolling out as many as 63 distinct products, including vodkas, bitter liquors, sweet liquors, fruit liquors, liqueurs, aperitifs – you name it!

Olympic Record

Many people can certainly remember the scale of the 22nd Summer Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980, and how responsibly the Soviet leaders of that time approached the issue of receiving so many guests from all over the world. It is widely known now that the guests of this event were offered only the best. That is why the Kashin distillery was ordered to create a drink that would fully reflect the generosity and hospitality of the Russian land and, of course, produced in the best traditions of strong Russian drinks. The result was the now-famous Tverskaya Bitter liquor. Its recipe has remained unchanged since then – all the same 9 herbs that create its incredibly rich aroma and deep spicy taste, and all the same strength emanating from its genuine Russian traditions. Both the hosts and the guests of the festivities liked the liquor so much, that it instantly became the crown jewel of not just the plant, but the entire Kalininsky oblast as well. Even today, guests from all over Russia and the world bring home this famous bitter liquor as a souvenir from the great land of Tver.

New Name, Old Traditions

Time passed, charging ahead with its changes in political systems and laws. But the plant managed to survive both the "Dry Law" of 1985, and the turbulent 1990s. Why, you might ask? All because the plant continued to follow the same principle it established back in 1898 when it was first built to produce real Russian "bread wine." After all, what artificial additives could have existed in the late 19th century, anyway? There were only the old recipes of alcoholic drinks preserved by people, and the gifts of nature, which when put together make up the history of strong Russian beverages. When even from the beginning these drinks have been delicious, warmed the soul and brought joy to anyone sipping them, why change anything at all? 100 years later, the plant continues to use only folk recipes and natural ingredients. The only thing that cast a shadow on its success was the absence of an original name, which was eventually found in 1992: Veresk. Among the names proposed by workers of the plant, Veresk was recognised as reflecting in the most comprehensive way the natural origins of all its products, and respect for the genuinely Russian traditions and recipes. For many customers, Veresk became a symbol of trust.

Between the Past and Future

The 21st century flowed out of the 20th all but silently, and while many things may have changed, Veresk remains the same plant built on solid Russian traditions. This is much appreciated in both Russia and elsewhere, as evidenced by the continuous stream of awards, and gold medals and gold stars from Prodexpo, the largest industry exhibition in Russia. It has also earned gold and silver awards at East-West Drinks, a Turkish exhibition, and the highest recognition from the International Spirits Competition held in Neustadt (Germany). In addition, Mirovaya Lux vodka won the silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Challenge held in London. However, is winning competitions and challenges, even if they are globally prestigious, a goal worth working towards for more than 100 years? Not likely. Instead, Veresk has another goal: keeping the trust of its consumers. This is why, from 1898 to this very day, Veresk remains a combination of natural beverage ingredients and folk recipes cherished and preserved since the establishment of the plant. It is Russian history itself with its ups and downs, as symbolised by drinks that while being both bitter and sweet, strong and light, are always completely natural.

our awards

So unnoticed the XXI century came to the century XX, many things have changed, but "Veresk" stayed the same plant, built on Russian traditions. And they know how to appreciate this not only in Russia. Confirmation to that - gold medals and gold stars, permanent trophies from the main Russian exhibition "Prodexpo". And also - gold and silver from the Turkish exhibition East-West Drinks, and the highest score from the International alcohol competition held in the German city of Neustadt. And also - a silver medal of "World Lux" vodka, brought from the international competition International Wine and Spirit Challenge, from London.

But is the victory in competitions, even such large ones, the goal for which it is worth working for more than 100 years? Unlikely. Veresk has another goal - the trust of customers. That is why, since 1898 to this day, "Veresk" is a mix of natural components of beverages and recipes preserved by nature, carefully preserved since the foundation of the distillery, this is the Russian history with its ups and downs, embodied in drinks: bitter and sweet, strong and light, but always natural.

Structure of the Veresk Holding Company

The Veresk holding company has a unified call centre to provide help and accept orders in several languages. Just one call from anywhere in the world, and Veresk will get to work on even the most complex contract bottling or wholesale product delivery project from the plants of the holding company, all while offering favourable prices and a solid guarantee of impeccable quality.

Veresk Mineral Water Bottling Plant OJSC

The mineral water bottling plant from the Kashin springs bottles mineral and drinking water in PET containers of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 6.0, 8.0 and 19 litres, fills demineralised water into 6 litre bottles and glass bottles with volumes between 0.25 and 1.0 litres, and also produces kvass and carbonated drinks.

Veresk Kashin Distillery OJSC

The distillery uses advanced European-made equipment that allows to produce more than 50 types of alcoholic beverages on 6 bottling lines at a rate of 6,000 bottles per hour. The filling equipment can process bottles of any shape, close bottles with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 1.75 litres, and apply any type of labels.

Veresk Trading Company OJSC

Veresk Trading Company OJSC is engaged in the wholesale and retail distribution of products made at its plants. The company owns a warehouse with an area of 11,000 square metres, a chain of more than 150 stores in Tver oblast, and its own truck fleet. This makes it possible for Veresk Trading Company OJSC to offer ready-made and safe logistics solutions to deliver its products anywhere in Russia.

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Are you of legal drinking age?

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