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Full name of the entity: Joint Stock Company “ Veresk ”
Short name of the entity: JSC “Veresk”
Legal address: 49, Lenina str., RU-171640, Kashin, Tver region, Russian Federation Tel./fax: +7 (48234) 2-07-10
Tel.: +7 (48234) 2-04-56
INN: 6909002630
General Director: Vladimir Perin

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Veresk JSC takes care of providing correct and complete information on these Internet pages. All data is presented in good faith and carefully rechecked. Nevertheless, Veresk JSC does not guarantee and is not responsible for the relevance, reliability and completeness of the information provided. The company reserves the right to make changes and delete pages partially or completely at any time without prior notice.


Veresk JSC in no way affects copyright, the development and content of link pages.  Despite careful control over the content of links, Veresk JSC does not bear any responsibility for the content of link pages. For the content of the link pages, as well as for damage / harm resulting from their use, their operator is solely responsible.


The content of these web pages is protected by copyright. The preservation and reproduction of images and textual material without our clearly expressed consent is prohibited by law. An exception to this rule is considered to be authorized and through “download” available information, if the user referred to a data source (Veresk JSC).

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To fill in our feedback form, we need some of your data so that we can correctly process the request.  Filling out this form and providing data is voluntary.  Veresk JSC processes this data with confidentiality and uses it only for its own needs, respectively, within the interests of our group of companies.

Legal force

This disclaimer is designed in good faith. In the event that individual wordings do not fully correspond to the legal situation, this does not apply to the rest of the information you provide and its reliability.

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Are you of legal drinking age?

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health

Sind Sie 18 Jahre alt?

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Are you of legal drinking age?

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health



Are you of legal drinking age?

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health